Reviving The Volusia Mall: A Blueprint for Merging Residential Living with Retail Innovation

Reviving The Volusia Mall: A Blueprint for Merging Residential Living with Retail Innovation

As we edge further into the decade, the narrative around the decline of malls is getting a compelling rewrite. The March 2024 white paper, “The Comeback of the Mall in 2024,” offers an in-depth analysis that sheds light on this transformation. The report discusses the resilience of malls amidst changing economic conditions and evolving consumer behaviors, providing a blueprint that could very well be applied to Daytona Beach’s Volusia Mall.

The Resurgence of Mall Visits

The report starts by addressing a critical shift: “Mall Visits Heating Up As Inflation Cools.” Despite the rise of e-commerce and a challenging past few years, malls are experiencing a resurgence. The document reveals, “shopping centers have proven resilient. Leading players in the space have consistently reinvented themselves and explored alternate ways to draw in crowds – and as inflation cools, malls are bouncing back as well” (, March 2024). This resilience is a key factor in the envisioned revitalization of Volusia Mall, suggesting a potential surge in foot traffic as it adapts to modern consumer needs.

Shifts in Consumer Behavior

One particularly relevant insight for Volusia Mall’s transformation is the evolution of consumer behavior noted in the paper. For instance, “Weekday Shopping Patterns Hold Steady” and “Changes in Hourly Visit Distribution” indicate that while the pandemic altered shopping habits, some patterns are reverting, while others are forming new trends. Specifically, the white paper notes, “Almost all mall categories are seeing fewer during the late morning-midday and late evening dayparts, while the amount of people heading to a mall in the afternoon and early evening has increased” (, March 2024). This data suggests potential for Volusia Mall to adjust its operational strategies to cater to these evolving patterns.

The Role of Experiential Retail

Perhaps most crucial to the blueprint for Volusia Mall is the emphasis on experiential retail. The paper outlines various strategies malls are adopting, such as incorporating “gyms, amusement parks, and even entertainment complexes” and “New Restaurants Help Boost Mall Traffic” to attract visitors. The document shares an example, “the Chandler Fashion Center in Arizona opened a giant SCHEELS store…with foot traffic to the mall experiencing a major jump from October 2023 onward” (, March 2024). This approach aligns with the plans for introducing innovative and mixed-use developments at Volusia Mall, including luxury apartments and potentially unique retail or entertainment options.

Conclusion: A Bright Future Ahead

The white paper concludes on a positive note: “The Future Of Malls Looks Bright,” with malls carving out spaces for themselves in a competitive retail environment by “prioritizing experiential retail, entertainment, pop-up shops, and luxury offerings” (, March 2024). For Volusia Mall, this translates to a promising path forward, leveraging the insights and strategies outlined in the report to become a vibrant hub for community and commerce.

The full March 2024 white paper can offer even deeper insights into these trends and strategies, providing valuable guidance for stakeholders interested in the future of retail spaces like Volusia Mall.

Read the full March 2024 white paper here.

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